IKI Walking Competition

UAB Walk15.

Competition track
The length of the track is 15 000 steps (about 10,5 km). There will be 3 parts of the track:

  • The family zone of  5 thousand steps;
  • 10 thousand steps;
  • The zone of 15 thousand steps.

With this initiative we are trying to promote physical activity in society (at least 15 minutes of daily movement). Participation is free.

Trade your steps to our prizes!

There will be no age limits.

Event organizer is not responsible for the health of participants.

Only parents are responsible for their children during the event.

The organizer is not responsible for any damages, that the participant may suffer as a result of his or her participation.

The participant declares that he or she is aware of the fact that participation is only possible in good health, in both the mental and physical sense.

Every participant agrees automatically by registering that the organizers of the event and partners may use all the pictures and filmed material of the event freely and without a separate consent for the aims of marketing.

Everybody will be awarded with medals.

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